Nicknames: Leader, Solutions Master, Maverick, Protector, Intimidator

Energetics: Externalization and Projection - Project anger to avoid vulnerability

Hidden Essence: Divine Power 



People with the Eight pattern fixate on protecting in order to avoid vulnerability and feel powerful. They believe their role is to right all wrongs, take care of the weak, and protect others from injustices.

They feel strong, capable, direct, and just. They are always looking outward for the cause of what is wrong and they can’t see their contribution. Their life styles are big with overindulgences - live hard and play hard.

There is a sense of challenge and pleasure in lustfulness, a satisfaction from getting what they desire, and even more so if they have to fight for it.

Anger is the most energetic human emotion, and they are ready to be angry at anytime. It makes them feel powerful and alive.

Their over the top bravado is a protection from feeling vulnerable, weak, powerless, needy, or sensitive. They have an armored shell of protection blocking tender emotions - sadness, sensitivity, vulnerability, and love.  To keep this wall up, they constantly push against their own limits, and sometimes the limits of others.



They have physically strong bodies - muscular and big or heavy. Their physical presence appears to take up more space than their actual size. They often use their arms, in addition to their bodies when they speak.

Their bodies seem to be pulsating with energy as if their muscles are constantly flexing. Even when they are in repose or quietly listening there is an alert dynamic attention as if they are always ready to pounce.

They are usually loud, and their voices command attention. They feel they are right, know the truth, and dare you to contradict or to argue with them.

People are attracted to their dynamic energy. Many find them intimidating. They are often unaware of the affect they have, and lack a sense of their relative size and power. 




Children with the Eight pattern grow up quickly for a variety of reasons. There is violence in the family or around the family. The protector is missing and they must protect and provide for the family at a young age.

They survive in bad neighborhoods - survival issues are important. It is not safe to be gentle or giving, that seems weak and soft. They feel rejected/betrayed and learn to be tough.




They are more armored. When they want, they must have and are intolerant of not having. They don’t need to talk much. They have an exaggerated selfishness. They can survive in the most difficult situations. They are no nonsense, gruff, isolated, and dominate and control their turf.



They band with others against authority - thunder before injustice. They are the most loyal and intellectual. When they trust, their friendship bonds are like family. They value honor and trust. They can be violent in order to defend someone in their "pack".


They are more provocative, intense and charismatic. They must be in control in relationship and then they can be vulnerable. They like to argue, compete, and be bad. They can be emotionally hysterical and possessive.




Impulsive, big plans, enlist others, exaggerate, social, pushy and demanding, more extroverted



Quiet behind the scenes, warm, suddenly aggressive or explosive, more introverted



Remorseless aggression, attack potential rivals, ruthless outlaws


Defiant, confrontational, grandiose, big energy, shrewd business people


Protective, leaders, strong, active, surrendered heroes, still ego based


Intrinsic power, free from guard, is known deeply and they embody divine power. 


The essence of each type is the quality of character - a particular expression - that remains when the fixation softens and releases. While these qualities are human they are not personal and cannot be developed.

The essence is revealed when fixation is recognized and freed through awareness and compassion. We all have the potential to realize the essence of our type - our more subtle authentic nature. This authenticity means living from open, free, wholeness.

The essence of the type Eight is true power.

Each type has a blind spot that creates a unique experience of separation. Each blind spot is directly related to the essential nature of each type. People with the Eight pattern have a blind spot for intrinsic power. 

This blind spot prevents them from perceiving and experiencing authentic beauty and love. All nurturing environments are inadequate to some extent. This inadequacy is experienced personally and interpreted through the enneagram pattern. When this is experienced by the child with the type Eight, they fixate on avoiding vulnerability.