Awakening the sacred qualities of the enneagram

This is an intimate and intense immersion program into the sacred qualities of the Enneagram - lead by Tammy Hendrix.

It is recommended for people who feel they are on a spiritual path and would like to explore the Enneagram types as subtle facets of consciousness. 

It is recommended for people who either already have a sense of the spaciousness beyond the Enneagram or who have a strong desire to know and sense it directly.

This program is particularly for people who already have a sense of the sacred essential nature of each Enneagram type and/or would like to know and embody this wisdom more deeply.

We plan to begin the next program spring 2018.


Have you heard the masters say, "we have all the types within us"? I believe we have access to and use every type (to greater or lesser extents) as strategies for getting our needs met. Some are more dominant strategies and one is a primary strategy - our type. Enneagram strategies are often not very open or authentic - nor very effective at getting our needs met. 

Many Enneagram teachings help us transform less effective strategies of our type into more effective strategies - we call these the levels of the Enneagram. Other teachings help us recognize the liberated awareness/consciousness beyond the Enneagram - showing us that we are much more than the patterns of the Enneagram. These teachings help us to shift attention and identification from painful ego patterns to the divine consciousness, oneness, that we are.

I whole-heartedly value these pathways of liberation and transformation. We all have Enneagram strategies that need to be healed and we all deserve to know ourself beyond patterning. However, this training will focus on vibrations within us that are already liberated. This program is complimentary yet distinct from these other pathways - rather than transforming, this program is about becoming. 

Just as we have the strategies of the types within, we also all the divine qualities within - unique energetic expressions of consciousness. These are subtle frequencies that are more tangible than pure awareness/consciousness but less tangible than the physical-elemental reality. They are not limited to the physical body but they are capable of embodying the elemental world.

Perhaps you already recognize that each type has an essential nature that is divine and exquisite. Do you also know these qualities within you as a direct experience? Consider what it would be like to activate these divine aspects within and become embodiments of the sacred power, beauty, and wisdom of the Enneagram.

In this path of becoming we will directly experience each Enneagram type as a divine aspect of consciousness coming into form within us, as us. We will not transform into something new - we will discover essential natures within and integrate these sacred truths into our daily lives. 

The fundamental distinction between this path and other Enneagram teachings is that every divine aspect of the Enneagram will become alive within us - equally - without focus on a particular type. We will leave our types at the door and gradually activate the vibrations of 9 divine Enneagram deities and bring our sacred projections home.


Over 9 months, we will activate within us the liberated nature of 9 Enneagram deities. With access to these 9 dimensions of the Enneagram, we will liberate and bring home our projections of power, beauty, and wisdom. 

I will borrow ancient deity embodiment techniques (primarily from Hinduism) to initiate the divine dimensions of the Enneagram within us. For one month at a time, we will live with and from nine liberated vibrations of the Enneagram.

If taken seriously and devotionally, we will emerge from this group much freer from our Ennea-strategies, much more independent in the world, and much more available for beautiful attachment experiences.


I would like to meet with you to help you decide if you meet these -

  • Basic understanding of the Enneagram types

  • Space, time, and attention to enter into an intense immersion program

  • Desire to connect with a small group

  • Relative support from your tribe however small or large

  • A counselor and/or personal practice to assist your nervous system with integrating new energies

  • Relative holistically healthy condition

In addition, this program is right for you only if - 

  • You are ready to make a deep commitment to yourself and the sacred space we will create

  • You want to truly see each type as a manifestation of divine purpose and an actual facet of consciousness

  • You want to know and embody all the powers of the Enneagram


  • Each day long class (12 total) is $150 payable in monthly installments.

  • This price includes 2 weekend intensives (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning), which begin and end the program

  • A 10% discount ($180) is applied to full certification payments received by the first class.

  • Students are obligated to pay for every class. If a class is missed, the instructors schedule a private meeting to cover missed material, but payment is due at the date of the class.

  • There are sliding scale spots reserved for students who are unable to afford the full cost.


We will begin and end with 1.5 day retreats, after which we will have 2 meetings a month.

Opening retreat:

  • Saturday 9am-4pm (quiet lunch near the office) 
  • Sunday 9am-noon

The 1st meeting of each month

  • 1 hour ceremony on of the first evenings in the month
  • I will initiate the divine Enneagram quality/deity of the month - beginning and ending with point 9

The 2nd meeting of each month

  • 2-3 hour meeting 2 weeks after the 1st meeting 
  • We will share our experiences living with/as this deity and help each other integrate it even deeper

Closing Retreat

  • Saturday 9am-4pm (quiet lunch near the office) 
  • Sunday 9am-noon


coming soon... 

Contact TAMMY to discuss questions and registration