Feeling Into the Energetics

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels


We can start with 3, 6, and 9 – the adaptors.

We call them mutable, adaptors, or shifters, because in three different ways they adapt or adjust to their environment, and to the people around them.

When someone with the 9 pattern adapts, they are seeking harmony and comfort. They will try to get the people around them to be in harmony, which may involve changing themselves as well as affecting the expression of the others.

People with the 6 pattern are seeking safety, so their adaptation is coming from a different place. Feeling safe may require suppressing or inhibiting their expression or going along with something that doesn’t suit them. It may even require that they lie or pretend in some way.

The person with the 3 pattern is seeking recognition or being seen as valuable. They will perform, demonstrate, and express what they have done to impress the people around them. This is their adaptation, because this demonstration changes depending on what their audience will find valuable.

Now we’ll moved to 2, 7, and 8 – the outward energetic types.

For the outward energetic types, the energy is expressed in a dynamic way that moves outward into the environment.

The person with the 2 pattern seeks to be liked or loved. Their energy moves toward others, trying to please them, to feel them and to find out how they are and what they need. They may also project their own needs and emotions onto others.

People with the 7 pattern seek bliss or excitement. They send their energy out toward others, hoping to excite or inspire them to join them in creating bliss. 7s don’t want to experience emotional pain, and believe that others don’t want to either. They project their feelings or fear of missing out onto others, to get them excited.

People with the 8 pattern are seeking to transform the world by eliminating evil. Their energy can be challenging and punishing. They are projecting their inner hidden feelings of being evil onto others and the world. Sometimes these types are just expressing themselves, but because their energy moves out into the environment this may be experienced by others as intrusive.

Now let’s look at 1, 4, and 5 – the inner energy types.

With the inner energy types, the energy is moving into themselves, pulling them inward toward an experience of themselves. They are usually very aware of their inner environment. At times, these types pull away from others and the world.

The 1 pattern seeks a utopian world of goodness and perfection. They feel repelled by imperfection and what feels wrong or bad to them. They pull away from others and the world and dwell in their internal feeling of being flawed.

The person with the 4 pattern is seeking love and to be seen, and they pull away from everything that feels unloving. They also pull away when they feel unseen. They are drawn into their own internal feeling of being irreversibly unlovable.

People with the 5 pattern are seeking peace and feel overwhelmed by everything that feels challenging. They are drawn into their inner worlds, where they find safety.

That’s a broad overview of the energetic movements and their corresponding types. Now, let’s take a closer look into the energetic feel of each pattern. We’ll move clockwise around the numbers, starting at 9 and ending with 8. Try to feel each one in your body.