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Basic Enneagram Workshop in the Embodiment Tradition

Place:  30 Ben Lippen School Rd Suite 205

Cost:    $80 – Half price if you have done this workshop with us before

Join Lissa for a basic Enneagram Workshop in the Embodiment Tradtition. 

The basic energetics of the 9 Types and how this energetic often manifests in our personalities and in our lives will be discussed.

The energies will be embodied and demonstrated. Experiencing the differences between the energetic feel of each pattern helps bring a deeper understanding of the 9 types. 

The participants will begin the process of identifying their types.

We are born with these patterns, when they combine with our conditioning an energetic composite is formed. This composite effects out thoughts, emotions, and our bodies. It becomes the underlying motivation or our lives.

We are born with these patterns in their purest form, Through understanding, and acceptance we can begin to free ourselves of the confining, contractive aspects of these patterns. When they loosen we feel freer and more dynamic.

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