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Divine Energies of Type 6

  • POiNT Health Collective 264 Haywood Road (WEST) Asheville, NC, 28806 United States (map)

Do you have a felt understanding of the sacred beauty, power, and wisdom of each type?

This journey involves co-creating experiences to see, activate, and integrate the divine qualities of the Enneagram. Together we:

  • Cultivate and deepen our experiential understanding of the liberated energies of the Enneagram - the sacred beauty, power, and wisdom of each type

  • Grow to see these divine aspects as the fundamental energies everyone is already embodying
  • Activate more fully the sacred qualities of our primary type AND ALL the divine qualities of the Enneagram - since we all have access to all the elements of the Enneagram

This month we will explore the TYPE 6 -

I invite you to begin to think about and feel into the "higher" qualities and liberated energetics of the type 6. I will bring Jungian archetypes and Tantric deities may fit. The sacred essence of the 6 is called Divine Trust and also described as Spaciousness. 

This Sunday we will: 

  • discuss the sacred purpose of the type 6
  • experience it's essence as sacred subtle energies ALIVE in our body
  • utilize other systems - such as Jungian archetypes and Tantric deity traditions - to activate it's powers 
  • I will invite everyone to continue this work and develop a practice to cultivate the divine energy 6 until we meet again  
Earlier Event: June 24
Later Event: July 22